Monday, January 18, 2010

Faster than a Flying Hook

My beautiful Etimo hooks were on my doorstep this morning and I am thrilled with them. I am so impressed with the fact that it only took four working days for the postal systems in America and Australia to deliver this package, and also to the Anderson Trading Company for their quick despatch of my order. I gave the 5.00mm hook a quick test drive this afternoon and can honestly say (in my humble opinion) that I think these are the Rolls Royce of hooks. As you can see, they come in a lovely pouch which also contains other tools of the trade.

And here it is closed ... very smart don't you think?

The handles are softer than the Clover Soft Touch hooks, but not squishy. Etimo hooks are manufactured by Tulip Co Ltd in Japan and I must say the Japanese have no sense of adventure (in this case anyway). There's a warning on the tag that says "This product should be used for crocheting purposes only." By the way, the hooks are made in Japan, the scissors made in Italy, the yarn needle made in Korea and the case made in China !! Just thought you'd like to know that.

Now off to play with my new toys.


  1. So envious, the set looks great. Will put it on my wish list

  2. Oh beautiful. Beats my dear old Aero Crochet hooks. But then the little crocheting I do; they will do.

    So would you say they are the Knit Picks (Knit Pro) Harmony's of the Crocheting World

  3. Definately Rell ... they're the best crochet hooks I've used and believe me, I have quite a few. I still like my Clover Soft Touch hooks but the Etimo ones are better. I must finish my scarf before starting a new project and will have to finish it with my Clover one as there is a slight difference.


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