Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A rug by any other name.....

Well, after lots of deliberation plus consultation with two close friends, my wool-eater has had all its getting !! I really hated that Marvel yarn (note to self NEVER to buy it again) and so have put it aside, never to be worked on again.

While yet again looking for the burgundy/pink/cream yarn to complete my other half finished wool-eater I came across a half done project which I'm going to now complete as I had the foresight to actually keep the yarn with this one. Its a travel rug done in the Australian Tartan pattern.

Many years ago, I was in Taree with my mother and the local craft shop had one of these on display in their window. I thought it was absolutely beautiful but it was only being sold as a complete kit and was rather expensive so I didn't purchase it. Back in Canberra about a week later a big parcel was delivered. It was the Australian Tartan kit. Mum had returned to the shop and bought it for me - what a lovely surprise. I started the rug but like so many things way back then, when I was still working and had a husband and growing family, it was put aside and forgotten about. The rug currently measures 140cm x 33cm - is now a WIP, soon (hopefully) to be a FO. I lost my Mum eight years ago so this rug will definitely be a keeper and will be in memory of my Mum.


  1. Thats Beautiful Dorothy,a real treasure... A special Mum :))

  2. Thank you Pat. I miss her terribly.

  3. A special Mum indeed Dorothy. Mine is an absolute treasure too. How lucky we are.

  4. It will be a beautiful memory blanket for you to have. Love to see a photo of how the rug is now.
    My Dad's family all came from Taree


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