Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Cute & Super Easy

Now here's a book packed full of really cute and easy patterns. I've been looking for something to show new crocheters at an event I'll be attending later this year and this book will be perfect. Many of the projects can be completed in a short time and are all very usable items which include bags, hook holder, hats, wash cloths, mug and coffee pot warmers, cushions, blankets, scarves, fingerless gloves, bibs, slippers, tea cosy and much more - even babushkas (Russian Dolls). There are a couple of projects described by the author Nicki Trench as 'confident crocheting' and these include teddy bears, a summer evening shawl and even a pavlova !! Hmm can't decide what to try first.


  1. looks fabulous Dorothy, can't wait to see pics of items you've made from it

  2. Pav any day Dorothy LOL..
    Love new books and lots of pictures are a must.. I drool thinking about them :))

  3. I loved looking at the cover of that book and your list of things inside def make you want to get it. Can't wait to see what projects you make out of it!

    Hugs, Teresa

  4. I've just bought that book and oooo am in love with it!!
    lovely blog you have here, I gasped with pleasure at your sarah london grannies, so beautiful!
    Luce xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Now if I was going to Confab I'm sure I would line up as a beginner just to play with some of those patterns :-)
    Must keep an eye out for the book - did you get here or online?

  6. Thanks for the comments - I love hearing from you - enjoy reading your blogs too. As with most of my books, I now buy them from the bookdepository in England. They are much cheaper than buying here in Australia and they have free worldwide shipping. I think this book cost me around $17 AUD and it was here 8 days after I ordered it.

  7. HI Dorothy,
    This book looks really good, I will have to keep an eye out for one :)


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