Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time flies - 19 days to Confab

Yes, its now only 19 days to the Knit4Charities Confab (conference) at Woolgoolga on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales. I can remember when we first started talking about this - doesn't seem like 18 months ago !! I've been busy preparing the handouts and making samples for the crochet class I'll be teaching, so haven't had much time to make any of my charity projects ---- with the exception of this little baby's hat ..

For this hat I used Patons Dreamtime 8ply and it took just under a 50g ball. Love working with wool !!!

I've notice lots of people I visit are having 'blogiversaries' so I'd like to congratulate them and say how much I enjoy visiting their blogs. I get such inspiration from seeing what everyone is making and really have a strong urge to make a granny mandala like Alice's on CrochetwithRaymond. Hmmm maybe I might just go and fiddle around in my stash to see if I have some suitable colours and start one today.

Those flowers I got for Mothers Day last Sunday are still looking good -

Now, let's see ...... purple, mauve, pink, bright pink, red even, blue, peacock, green, lime (yes lime), orange maybe .... omg mandala madness !!!!


  1. Will you be teaching different sts, patterns etc ??
    The little cap is pretty so is the colour.
    I know what you mean about inspiration from other crafty bloggers,, so much out there to make..
    Hopefully you will show us your mandalla :)

  2. will do Pat. I'm halfway through it and am having such fun. I'm being totally outrageous with my colour selection so goodness knows what its going to look like when finished.

  3. Dorothy, I just want to thank you for having my blog link on your list. Very sweet of you. I do hope you take pix of the class!! Very fun! Hugs, Teresa :-)


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