Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home at Last .. Still Recovering .. and Catching Up

Well, what an eventful few weeks. Thank goodness our K4C Confab was held when it was as a week later the area was hit by dreadful storms followed by floods all down the mid north coast. If the apartment I stayed in at Coffs Harbour had been vacant the week after I was due to leave I might still be stranded up there as I did enquire as to the availability with the idea of staying on a little longer. As it was I got stranded at Tuncurry (visiting family) for longer than I'd planned, due to flooding around Taree and had to cancel my visit to a friend at Toukley.

Have a look at the caravan park at Woolgoolga a week after Confab ..

and Taree ..

I was able to get in a good bit of knitting and crochet time which was lovely. Here's some of the things I made while stranded at Tuncurry.

I did promise you a few more pics of the K4C Confab so to finish off, here are just a couple .. first of all, morning tea on the Saturday

and a couple from the dinner on Saturday night ..

Did you notice the flowers are knitted and their stems are knitting needles. There was so much work involved in the preparation of things for this event and Kerry, our wonderful organiser, and her helpers deserve a huge pat on the back for everything they did to make our first ever confab the great success and memorable occasion that it was. Well done Kerry !! The koala was just one of many Australian animals that added to the room decorations .. there was also a kookaburra, wombat, emu, and probably more that I can't recall at the moment. These were all knitted by one of our members and her mother.

I have enjoyed reading everyone's blog posts over the past few weeks but because of difficult connections at times, was unable to leave comments. You guys are my inspiration and I thank you for being such great cyber friends. Now, before I finish this post .. one of my latest 'best friends' wants to say goodbye .....

Have a great day


  1. Welcome back Dorothy..
    the weather has been amazing, sunny, snow rain wind.. strange..
    Who would think of making flowers and placing them on knitting needles..:)) I like that idea..
    Beautiful work as always lovely items for KFC..:))

  2. The road into Taree looks very familiar, it floods so often. Certainly have a lot of memories from one little trip.
    Did you try DPN's at Confab?

  3. No Maria .. I've totally given up on dpn's and sometime in the future will have another go with the magic loop. I could only do one class at confab (because I was teaching crochet at the other session) .. and did the knitting techniques class which focused on seaming, fixing a mistake from several rows down, russion joining, swiss darning and buttonholes. Yes, lots of wonderful memories.

  4. Goodness.. such flooding! Hope none of your loved ones were affected. Good time to do some handwork, though, eh?
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. The weather has been strange all over the world. So glad that your event was not ruined by the floods. You were certainly productive while you were stranded. The bouquet of flowers on knitting needles is adorable. And that knitted koala just precious. Wishing you all the best as life gets back to normal. Take care. Tammy


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