Thursday, June 6, 2013


Just when I thought I'd seen my last pair of BLACK fingerless gloves, one of DD's work colleagues who bought some last winter, has now asked for a pair for her daughter.  I can't believe that Bendigo Woollen Mills don't have black in their Classic range as that's my preferred wool for these gloves. Ended up having to get  Luxury which is lovely but I really didn't enjoy making this particular pair because it kept splitting - not sure if it was the wool, the hook or me but I must say I was pleased when I finished these today.

An odd request I had from same DD which I first refused but later gave in (as you do when you're such a wonderful Mum lol) ... and at the risk of being considered quite mad, have tonight made some puppy slippers ...

When one of DD's work colleagues mentioned that she'd like a little Dachshund baby, Nat sprung into action, rang a few breeders and had found one for her about half an hour later.  Baby is 4 weeks old now and will be going to his new home in another 2 weeks.  Do you think the slippers will keep his little paws warm ?

Since we're talking about dogs, our house doesn't seem quite right since we lost our last little Japanese Chin a few months ago. I've been thinking about getting another dog but can't decide what I'd like. Thanks to the internet, here's a couple of pics of the breeds I'm currently thinking about - Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, French Bulldog.  What do you reckon ?

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  1. Those black gloves are great! Very pretty. Don't know about the doggie slippers! I guess if you start them early, they might tolerate it. It's been a rainy day here. Perfect for crocheting!

  2. They are all cute dogs, Dorothy! Such lovely little booties for the puppy too and the gloves look lovely and cosy. Bendigo must have discontinued black in the Classic range because i'm sure I've used it previously. My last orders from there though, I bought Ensign which is the dark blue.


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