Thursday, June 29, 2017

Crochet Catch Up

I have been procrastinating!  Its been sooooo long since my last post and I imagine anyone who used to follow me has long given up and moved on to other bloggers who post more often. For months now I've been thinking I should start regularly posting again but to be honest I haven't had all that much to write about so just kept putting it off. So this post will just be a catch-up on a few things.

Stash enhancement (and there's been quite a bit of that) .. included two 100g balls of this King Cole Glitz

Can you see the shiny bits through it? I'm not sure what I'll be making at this stage but would welcome any suggestions.

Finished projects (not many of these I'm afraid as I've had a major dose of start-itis and very little finish-itis) .. My CWA branch had a function earlier this month and we decided at the last minute to include a craft stall. For my contribution I made three pairs of fingerless mitts and a cowl .. (oops, forgot to download the cowl pic). All three pairs of mitts sold @ $15 a pair so I was happy about that.

I've also finished a blanket for Oliver which I'm pleased to say that he seems to like. Here he is having an afternoon nap ..

And for Knit4Charities I've done a few items for 'angel' babies ..

Premmie Blanket

Finally, Nanna brag time ...  Oliver is now 2 years 7 months and is growing up way too fast.  Here he is playing on one of the sculptures at the National Arboretum here in Canberra a month or so back ..

My two grandsons are great mates and enjoy fooling around together. I think its been awhile since I've shown a picture of Ryan who is now 14.5 years old - here's one of my two boys.

Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. Hi Dorothy, so nice to see you again! You've made really wonderful items. My favorites are the fingerless mitts ♥. Could you give me a link where to get that pattern? Would be nice, thank you.
    I would suggest a scarf for the wonderful glitzy yarn. Maybe the 5-colors-scarf by Claire, English pattern here:
    I've made mine with 5 colors (have not photographed it yet), but on the web I saw it in only 1 color and that looks nice, too, have a look here and here:
    Or this one:
    Or a simple v-stitch scarf.
    Or the pattern you showed here some time ago. It was a blue-green crochet scarf when I remember it right, but unfortunately I don't know its name anymore. I still have a started one of that pattern in my basket but I cannot find the pattern at this moment to give you the name. Maybe you know which scarf I mean?
    These are my ideas about your new yarn so far. All the best & hope to read you soon again!
    Nata xxx

    1. Hi Nata .. I was so pleased to see your comment - thought everyone might have left me! The fingerless mitts are my adaptation of this pattern - .. I have a file with my scribble on it to remind me what I've done. If you like to give me your email address I can send it to you. I do prefer to do a 1x1 knit rib on the mitts as I think they fit nicer than the crochet band. Thanks for the suggestions as to how to use my purple sparkly yarn. I do have several WIPs to try to get finished before I start anything else though. I can't recall the blue/green scarf you mentioned and am about to scroll back through my blog to see if I can find it. Again, good to hear from you. xox

  2. Wow!! Love your stash enhancement. That red looks yummy too. Can't wait to see what's on your hooks next. The grandsons are so handsome. Being a nana is so wonderful. I sure love my grandkids. So nice to see your post and catch up. --Bev

    1. Thanks Bev. Feels good now that I've taken the plunge back into blogging and am looking forward to catching up with some of my old friends. As you know I've been reading yours and a few others posts but did feel a bit lousy about not contributing anything myself. I think blogging is also good motivation to get on with things. I only have to two grandsons - do you have many grandchildren? xox

  3. Beautiful works, Dorothy! My favorite is the awesome blanket of Oliver. Lovely photos too!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,

  4. Hi Ana .. Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your kind words about Oli's blanket. My late husband's ancestors came from The Azores in Portugal - looks like a beautiful place. xox


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