Monday, November 1, 2010

The Chain Reaction

Isn’t it funny how one thing leads to another ? I finished the Queen Anne’s lace scarf over the weekend – daughter saw it and reminded me that she has been asking for a Queen Anne tablecloth for years now however will settle for a table runner instead. She bought me an old pattern of the Queen Anne lace at an antique shop at Tarcutta awhile back and thought a tablecloth would make a lovely family heirloom. What she didn’t consider is that my poor old eyes aren’t what they used to be and thread work is something I rarely tackle these days. As luck would have it, I received a magnifier attachment for my Ott Light last Friday and it really does help so I’ve decided to give it a go – make a start and see how I go. I won’t be telling my daughter about it just in case it doesn’t happen.

For the record, the scarf is made with Noro Taiyo shade No. 1

and I used a 5.5mm hook. The pattern can be found here.
The pictures have been deleted but the pattern is still there and is about half way down the page.

Disaster struck on Saturday afternoon ! After I finished the scarf, I decided to do a bit more on my Reversible Hungarian blanket (wool-eater) but had to stop as my right index finger (where the hook rests) had a huge ‘dent’ in it between the two knuckles, and was quite painful. Knitting seemed a better option so I made a dishcloth which can be included in somebody’s Christmas present.

I hope all my Aussie friends have a nice win on the Melbourne Cup tomorrow.


  1. That is lovely Dorothy, i followed the link but there wasn't a pic so i am really pleased to see yours.. :))

  2. I love it..The colours the pattern all lovely and thankyou for the link..Good luck for tomorrow..:))

  3. It looks lovely!!! I love Noro, and the way the colour changes is just beautiful!
    Have fun with that table-runner!
    My wool was 8ply (my fave)

  4. thanks for the link... Queen Anne is one of my havourite laces but I hadn't made the leap to the concept of thicker yarn / bigger hook = scarf.
    Mmm now maybe some of that Noro Silk Garden Sock ?


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