Monday, November 22, 2010

Coast - Day 1

So we’re here at the coast and what beautiful weather – couldn’t ask for better. The trip down was pleasant and uneventful. I had planned to stop off at Australia’s first heritage listed town - Braidwood and take a few pics to share with you but only managed to get one of an old museum.

I think everybody in Braidwood was in town today as the shopping part of town was so busy. I need to find the bakery on the way home as my daughter tells me it’s the best.

It’s a pretty drive between Braidwood and the coast, even though you have to come down that mountain with all the hairpin bends etc. I love the way these trees line the side of the road – I decided to stop in the middle so here’s two views – east and west. The mountain starts about 10 minutes further on.

Batemans Bay has changed so much since I was here last which I must say was quite a few years ago. Like lots of other places, the main street is one-way and guess who sailed straight past the motel and got totally lost ? Yeah well, eventually got back to where I should be – not much different to what visitors to Canberra say …… you have to go round and round in circles and you eventually get there. The motel room is great – don’t you love the view from the balcony?

I’ve been here before and know that sunset can be quite stunning so I hope to get a nice pic for you later tonight.

Today’s mission – accomplished !!! Found Target Country – quite boring and nothing to extract any cash from me, BUT right opposite was the Bargain Box which just happens to sell yarn, amongst many other very interesting things. Like any self-respecting crocheter, had to add to the stash and support local business by purchasing this lovely Magnum. Four balls of 8ply and the bright red 12ply which I’m going to see how it goes with the Queen Anne’s lace scarf pattern. I really like this pattern and have seen some really stunning scarves made with a solid colour.

Nearly time for dinner so I’ll leave you with a this last shot from the balcony - its now low tide.


  1. Wow how lovely is that?? Take it all in Dorothy and enjoy your well deserved break..:))

  2. It's been lovely to escape into your little bit of paradise today.


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