Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just two little FOs (a child's hat and a face/dish cloth) but at least the pile is going down and I have now got two more pairs of knitting needles available should I feel the urge to start something else.

While playing around with my digital camera last night I came across these ..

Suppose I should confess - I didn't make those last three items - they're from this booklet which I'd actually forgotten about but am pleased to have rediscovered it and might try something from it soon.


  1. Pretty pattern on the beanie.
    Where do you buy your pattern books from?

  2. I have a few little self-published books by a lady on eBay - rosegems21 . She also does cross stitch charts and doesn't always have her knitting patterns listed. Each booklet has several variations on one piece of clothing .. eg. hats, cardigans, etc. and are quite easy to follow.

  3. Great patterns Dorothy, I can hear the cogs turning now... LOL I know you are thinking of "what to create next":))
    I agree with Maria, It is a pretty pattern on the beanie :)


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