Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slide Night

My new toy arrived yesterday and I've been having so much fun with it. I bought a Yashica Slide and Negative scanner which turns those old fashioned slides and 35mm negatives into digital images that you can save on your computer. Most of our slides are at my eldest daughter's place but I fossicked around and found enough to play with for a start. I must say I'm impressed with the quality considering the age of these pictures and I'd like to share a few interesting ones with you.

This photo was taken 35 years ago. Can you see what's missing? If you said the new Parliament House then you're right and here's a couple of the new 'house' being constructed..

On open days people would line up for hours to go inside as only a certain number were allowed in at a time as a safety measure ..

I don't know when I took this next picture but it was probably sometime in the 60s. Construction of the Sydney Opera House commenced in March 1959 and proceeded in slow stages over the next fourteen years. It was completed in mid 1973.

Only a little bit of crochet was done today - a coffee cup cozy which I'll use in a Christmas gift ..

This cozy was designed by the late Janie Herron (aka Crobeanie) and unfortunately the pattern is no longer available on the internet. Janie was a lovely lady and quite a talented designer. I'm so glad I saved some of her patterns back in the late 90's. My favourite little angel pattern is one of Janie's - I'll show it to you another day.


  1. Thankyou for the walk down memory lane.. I remember visiting the old PH with my parents, looks like I need to update LOL..
    These new gadgets are great, Hubby bought a book scanner, its brilliant..any chance of a pic of your scanner??
    The cosy pattern is lovely..

  2. Those are wonderful memorable photos. This scanner is a fantastic idea - might have to look into it if I can find where my slides are

  3. The crochet cozy looks lovely and matches the mug so well

  4. That's beautiful! I wish knew that pattern. Amazing!


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