Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mid Project Crisis

A few weeks ago I picked up some gorgeous yarn (lost the band but I think its wool) and started to make a Queen Anne's Lace scarf. It was looking pretty good but you wouldn't believe it, the other balls of this stuff went playing with the other yarn in my craft room and have got themselves lost !!! Stupid little b's. Soooo, after about half a minutes thought, I began to frog this lovely scarf and decided to turn it into a knitted hat which will fit about a one year old baby and will go to charity.

On the crochet side of things, I'm so proud of the Australiacrochet members. So far we have sent 358 squares to Sarah London for the Crochet-a-Rainbow project to be made into blankets for victims of the recent Queensland and Victorian floods. I know there are members continuing to make these little 5-round granny squares so this number will certainly increase in coming months.

I've been fiddling around again and in an effort to use up some size 10 (bedspread weight) cotton of which I have heaps, wondered how it would work up doubled. I'm not sure if I like how this coaster turned out - what do you think ? I used a 3.75mm hook and the coaster measures 5 inches - a bit bigger than what I prefer but it looks ok under a mug.

This afternoon I hope to finish a wash cloth from that new book I got the other day. Will show you a picture of it tomorrow .. maybe !


  1. The colour of the hat is a very pretty blue did you make it on 2/4 or circular knitting needles??
    You have made a lovely coaster , they are so quick and easy..and I don't think it is too large..
    Fantastic effort Australia Crochet .. :))

  2. Love the little sweet hat and your flower! Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  3. Thanks for your compliments ladies. Pat, I did the hat on 2 needles. The yarn is a lovely colour - perhaps a wee bit darker than in the picture. Shame I lost the other balls in my stash as the Queen Anne's Lace scarf was looking nice.


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