Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorry, but this was disappointing !!

This is a new Australian book which got me all excited when I saw it at the local library. My recent experimentation with colour (Crochet-a-Rainbow) and being involved with the Australiacrochet square exchange, made me really keen to get my hands on a copy, thinking it would be good inspiration. Not so ! The 64 'square' patterns are nothing more than a stitch dictionary (all in rows), most of which I've seen before. The pictures throughout the book all use the same 5 colours and are dull dull dull. All Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic 8-ply yarns - green, red, orange, purple and navy that would be lovely by themselves, but together they remind me of that camouflage colour. Glad I borrowed the book from the library.

Today's mail brightened my day when two lovely squares arrived from Shaz in the square exchange.

Shaz does beautiful work and I love these two squares. One day I'm going to join all the squares I've been given over the years and will have a beautiful blanket.

I've been playing around with double ended hook crochet (Crochetknit or Crochet on the Double) and came up with this tea cosy ..

Shhhh .. don't tell anybody but the cosy isn't actually on that teapot. They say you learn by your mistakes and next time I make a cosy I'm going to leave the bit under the spout open and perhaps put a button and loop there to accommodate fat teapots.

I've been commissioned by make another baby blanket for one of DD's pregnant work colleagues. She has requested Baby Lustre 8ply in white which may be a bit of a challenge for me to find as I think its been discontinued. Anybody know where I might get some?

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  1. I love the tea cozy, spout opening or not! You know how it is with books, you usually only find one now and again that you really love...the rest of them just have a few patterns that interest you. That's why I spend so much darn time surfing. Good luck with finding the yarn. It's always so much fun crocheting for babies. It just makes you feel good all over.


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