Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's New Pussycat

Can you believe it ? Leonardo Da Kitty, Vincent Cat Gogh, Alley Cat Warhol have all created purrfect masterpieces and now we're going to unleash our cat's inner artist with her own Kitty-Casso Painting Set. Yes folks, a painting kit for cat's and it contains 5 non-toxic coloured kitty paints, art paper, paw protectors, picture frame and a surprise gift (for the cat, not us). Here's Madison checking out her kit.

The idea is that you put the art paper down, add paint, cover it all with the paw protector then let your cat walk all over it (or whatever), remove the paw protector, let dry, frame and admire for eternity !

The other thing I find it hard to believe right now is that my neighbours are enjoying the evening in their courtyard which is only metres from my house, and they had an open fire going. With gumtrees all around the place, its very dry and crackly everywhere and after the tragic events that happened in Victoria over the past week, one has become a little paranoid about fires. I noticed the sparks flying everywhere plus the smell of fire when I visited my ensuite a little while ago. I get on ok with these neighbours so I went and politely pointed out that maybe their fire could be a little dangerous. She told him to put the fire out so all should be well but the stench is going right through my house and is nearly making me sick.

This is not a fire but have a look at tonights sunset. I took this photo from my back pergola and just in the nick of time as it was gone five minutes later.

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