Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh How the Time Flies

Yes, I am having fun !! While surfing the net looking for chicken jokes, I came across this game which I used to play years ago and had forgotten all about.

Play Flip WordsFlip Words
Make words and solve familiar phrases!

Play this free game

This free version only allows words of up to about 5 letters and it doesn't keep your score when each game ends - but hey, its free, its fun and boy is it a time waster !!

Anyway, back to why I was looking for chicken jokes ..... on Friday I learnt how to chicken scratch from one of my CWA friends. I've seen a tablecloth done using this type of embroidery and it was very fresh looking but I would never attempt something that big. I'm thinking maybe a set of placemats with a strip of the chicken scratch embroidery down one side - and perhaps matching coasters. This is what it looks like -

I think I prefer the 'stitch' at the top and reckon it might look ok as a border.

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