Thursday, March 26, 2009

Decisions, decisions

My heart was broken/stolen (?) when I delivered the Knit4Charities kitten blankets to the RSPCA today. I saw a cat there who is the image of our Madison - and the same breed. He is 9 years and 9 months old and was pleading for a cuddle which of course he got. He climbed up the front of his cage to 'talk' to me and when the lady got him out for me to hold, his purr was so loud and enthusiastic I thought he was going to gag. I am so torn - I'd love to rescue him but don't know how our girl would feel with another cat in the house. This poor fellow's owners, an elderly couple had to move into a retirement village and were not allowed to take their beloved pet. Isn't this a shocking thing when you think about it? Pets are so good for elderly people - they are their 'babies' and I believe research has proven that older people do much better if they have a pet.

Here's Pixel - isn't he gorgeous?

I have another great recipe for you but will post it later tonight.


  1. How sad that retirement homes don't allow pets. Such companions for us all.

    I think that not only would Pixel be fretting for his owners, but they for him.

    What is this world coming too.

    Lorelle from K4C

  2. heartbreaking indeed. i would love to take him but like you, i am not sure how my little fur baby would get along with him.



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