Monday, March 2, 2009

Time Flies when you're having Fun

Hard to believe its been over a week since I've posted anything here. Its been a busy week one way or another but I have achieved one thing .... a FO (for the uninitiated, that means a finished object) !! This afternoon I finished this scarf which is going to the sister of one of my very dear friends in Tasmania. I hope it will keep her warm.

Earlier in the week I received a lovely surprise in the mail. It took me ages to work out who sent me this lovely potholder as the back of the package just said 'for you from me'.

Last week I had lunch with my friend Lucille and gave her the pattern for the square I made for an exchange on AustraliaCrochet. (there's a picture of it in an earlier post) Lucy made the square, added a knitted back and a loop and voila .... a pretty potholder.

I'm still suffering from my day out at the Canberra Show yesterday. Talk about aches and pains !! Still, it was fun and I'm glad I went. The knitting and crochet sections were of particular interest to me but I can't say I totally agreed with the judge for the placings in the crochet rug class. You be the judge - see what you think ..

First Prize ...

Second Prize ...

Third Prize ...

Don't get me wrong .. all three were beautifully done but I just felt the placings were a bit off. To make matters worse, I was commenting about this to one of the stewards and she said 'well, some judges get to know who has entered and who wins all the time and they like to share it around'. WRONG !!! I hope that really wasn't the case.

Reserve Champion went to this stunning piece

The knitting section had some interesting items. These toys were cute

and I love the pattern in this rug

I want to leave you with something special today. When I say sea-horse, do you think of something small, exotic and elegant? It has been said that these creatures are an endangered species considered to be on the edge of distinction. Well then, have a look at this elegant creature .......


  1. Hi Dorothy, Love your horse photo! Re the seahorse: did you really mean on the "edge of distinction" or "extinction"? :)

  2. LOL .. I probably did mean 'extinction'. That's what happens when the brain is in the wrong gear !

  3. That is terrible about the Canberra Show Judges - it was like that at Redcliffe in Brisbane - the same four or five people enter all the time, no new entries ever get a look in with the judges of the knitting and crochet - these same people "must" get the prizes!

    I honestly think it should the best, and only the best, that get First Prize - that third prize entry was exquisite!

    Thanks for sharing!


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