Monday, June 1, 2009

Observations on a Sunday afternoon

1. It is 20kms from my house to Spotlight ! Really, I wonder why I bother going there as I could have bought what I got at the mall which is only about 4kms from my house. It may be my imagination, but I also think Spotlight seem to have less wool than they used to have, and the store is in a mess, as it usually is.

2. You can get an awesome cup of coffee at McCafe. Must remember that.

3. Where does all the traffic in Queanbeyan come from at 4.30 on a Sunday afternoon – and where is it going for that matter ?

4. In what major city in Australia, other than Canberra, can you see a dead kangaroo on the side of the road 3kms from the CBD ?

5. Have you ever noticed how nice the green is in traffic lights ? I was thinking it would make a great jumper for a child but I don’t think I’ve ever seen wool in that shade. Memo to self – email yarn company.

6. I really don’t like roundabouts that have two lanes that merge into one about 10 metres on the other side of them. In fact I think I’m starting to prefer traffic lights to roundabouts.

7. Listening to Michael Buble on the car radio can be very relaxing.

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