Sunday, November 1, 2009

There's no Snooze Button on my Cat !!

Feeling sorry for the poor little thing, I let her sleep with me last night because my dd and sil have gone away for the weekend and she normally sleeps with them. Big mistake !!!! After fussing around for ages, she eventually settled next to my head on the pillow - this was well after midnight. Then, at the crack of dawn, the meowing and nudging started until I eventually gave in and provided the pats she so desperately needed. Then the dog alarm went off at precisely 6.30am which is her usual feeding time. (My dd is up at that time getting ready for work.) And all this is happening to me on a Sunday - the day of so called REST !! So, after feeding the dog, having my breakfast (well, I figured I might as well have it seeing as though I was up) .. then locking the cat out of my room, I went back to bed, only to be woken by a phone call from my next door neighbour wanting to know if I had electricity as they didn't ! What is it they say ... no rest for the wicked ?

Isn't it lovely now that the warmer weather is here? My flowers are starting to come out and are looking good. One of my rose bushes has five beautiful blooms on it at the moment with lots more buds ready to come out. Here's a couple of pics of my roses.

This next pic is of a tree in my backyard. I have no idea what it is but it blooms like this every spring.

The wall of my front courtyard is covered with these pretty little flowers which I think are called Banksia Roses. I'm not a gardener so not sure of the names.

Finally, here's a flower from a bush which thrives in a very shady spot around the 'other' side of my house.

Haven't been doing too much knitting or crochet of late but am now starting to make a few things for our CWA fete which is in November. Here's a hat and a few dishcloths I made last week.

Actually the dishcloths are so soft they could be used for facecloths. I might package them up with a bar of soap and tie them up with a pretty ribbons. We have lots of offices nearby and the girls are always checking out our fete for secret santa gifts.

Only 55 days to Christmas! Haven't been to the mall lately but I bet the decorations are out already.

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