Monday, October 4, 2010

Old photographs, memories and mini stockings

While sorting through my USB drives this afternoon I came across a whole lot of photographs I haven't seen for ages so I thought I might share a few of my favourites with you. I just hope my daughters don't read this or they'll kill me for these first two pictures ...

I love this one of my girls which was taken around 1978 when my eldest was just over 2 years old and my baby was 1. This has been scanned from an old slide so the quality may not be fantastic.

And a few years later, here's my baby ! I was there to see her land and I can tell you my heart was in my mouth till her feet were well and truly on the ground. That's Parliament House you can see way down there on the ground.

As you know, we are very fond of our furbabies and used to show and breed our little Japanese Chins. Here's a pic of our beautiful Wendell (Aust.Grand Champion Siatori Charlies Magic) taken just after he won one of his Best in Show awards. He was a magnificent representative of his breed and we were very proud of him. Sadly he is now in puppy dog heaven.

This next one is of Wendell when he was just 12 weeks old. It was taken in Melbourne where he had won Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Japanese Chin Club of Victoria championship show.

Cute eh ? And so you know what they look like at birth ...

That's not Wendell but its one of his grandsons.

Finally on the furkid front, my favourite picture of 6 week old baby Madison who is now about 20 times as big as this but still as gorgeous.

Enough reminiscing for now. I spent yesterday afternoon with my grandson at Lollipops which is one of those kids play places where they have huge slides, jumping castles etc. While he played I worked on more mini stockings, only to find out last night that the ones I'm making are just a bit big.

The smaller one in this pic is more the size required and even though there's no sewing up on it, I still prefer the look of the bigger ones I've been doing. Think I might have to play around with the pattern and see if I can work something out.


  1. Lovely pics of all the family. furbies included:)) the little kitten is so cute.
    I can understand your aprehension with your DD skydiving very scary..
    Regards the little stockings, what size are they ? or should be?

  2. I'll email both the patterns to you Pat. I prefer the bigger one and am going to have a go at making it smaller. The small one measures 3"x 4"high and the bigger one is 3 3/4"x 5".

  3. Beautiful girls and the furry ones are cute.

  4. Thanks Dorothy, I will give them a go later today.. hOpe you are having a sunny day :))

  5. Lovely pics and they are so cute Dorothy, such a joy to have the furbies around, lots of love...


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