Monday, October 25, 2010

Strictly Crochet

My cyber-friend Pat from Tasmania (and Australiacrochet group) read about the mini stocking challenge I was involved with on Knit4Charities and wanted to help. Well, today the postie delivered these gorgeous little stockings ..

Thank you so much for your help Pat. I will add the few I have made and send them off to the K4C collector who will be putting a few little sweets and a candy cane in each one and at Christmas they will be distributed to needy children in Queensland. Knit4Charities aim to provide 5,000 of these little stockings and are well on the way to achieving this goal, thanks to the help by members of the group and wonderful friends like Pat.

Like most other crocheters I know, when working on a big project you need a little something 'on the side' so you don't get bored. I've been working on my wool-eater blanket today but right now, I must confess, I'm getting my little bit on the side. This lovely Queen Anne's Lace scarf pattern is very addictive, quick to grow so is almost instant gratification. I'm using cream acrylic (Bounty 8ply with a 4.5mm hook) for this one but might be tempted to get some Noro Taiyo some time in the future for another scarf. There are some lovely pictures of this project on Ravelry.

Ah now, decisions decisions ..... do more of the blanket or more of the scarf ! What do you think ?


  1. Pat's mini Christmas Stockings are gorgeous -- well done Pat. I LOVE your Queen Anne's Lace Scarf Dorothy, and the pattern shows up beautifully with the cream yarn. That's another item for my "to do" list.

  2. You are most welcome, I did enjoy making them :))
    Your Queen Annes lace scarf is gorgeous Dorothy and you crochet beautifully.

  3. Thank you ladies. The only thing I'm worried about is that the scarf is quite skinny - 3 inches. I'm hoping to have enough yarn to make it extra long so it can wrap around the neck a few times, or wrap through itself.


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