Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why did I do it?

I really don’t know what possessed me when I bought this yarn. Its thin, a bit scratchy to feel, and is going to take an age to make anything with it ...

I’ve trawled through 140 pages of projects made with this yarn on Ravelry looking for a particular scarf pattern I was planning to use with this Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and would you believe, I couldn’t find it !!!! Rather than just add to my stash, I have started a V-stitch scarf (don’t need a pattern for that) and its not looking too bad. I think an open type of stitch works best for the yarn as there’s no complicated pattern competing with the colours. I’ll show you a pic-in-progress in a few days.

Had a play around with some Christmassy cotton (from the stash) this afternoon and am quite pleased with the way this hotpad turned out, although I think I might try it again soon and use a solid colour instead of the variegated. I’ve seen pictures of lots of these Starburst hotpads and the solid colours really appeal to me. Anyway, this one will be added to someone’s Christmas gift – hope she likes it.

I’ve been hankering for a trip to the coast for awhile so will be heading off on Monday morning to Batemans Bay for 4 days, and guess what? You’re coming with me !!!! There are plenty of things to do there but what I’m really looking forward to is sitting on the balcony looking out over the water, doing a bit of knitting or crochet, maybe reading a book or just lazing around in front of the television (something I rarely do at home).


  1. Love the hot pad. Sometimes it is soooo frustrating looking for a pattern to fit the type of yarn we have. Have fun away and oh, I guess I'm or we are all coming with you ...can't wait to see what's on the itinerary!

  2. It will be interesting to see the scarf made up in Noro yarn..:))
    LOve your potholder the pattern is addictive though LOL
    At last your trip is on, and yes please i would love to go to Batemans Bay.. Off to pack my bag :))

  3. Over the last week I have been eyeing off the pattern for that hotpad - just may squeeze a few in for Christmas.
    Sorry can't join you on your trip cause I'm heading to Brissie. Hope the weather is wonderful for you - and the yarn shop full of wonders ☺

  4. I was just looking at pictures of this hotpad on ravelry on the weekend. so versatile. Just curious what thread and hook did you use? The original says 4 ply worsted and i think 4.25mm hook


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