Sunday, December 19, 2010

What were they thinking ??

Well the size is right but the yarn is hideous !!! Yarn manufacturers should realise that some of their colour variations just don't cut it (IMHO of course).

The only good thing is I now know roughly how many stitches I need to get the size I want. So, would you believe I have started yet another hat but this time have decided to wing it and see if I can work something out for myself - ie no pattern ! Getting game aren't I, especially being a bit of a dumbo when it comes to knitting. I thought about it for awhile, thought about it again, then consulted a friend regarding the mathematics regarding the crown shaping ..... then bit the bullet and wrote down what I proposed to do. So far so good and the pattern and number of stitches have worked out ok. One thing I've decided is that 1x1 ribbing is sooooo old hat (no pun intended). I'm up to the top shaping now so might show you a pic tomorrow - if it looks ok :)

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