Wednesday, December 8, 2010

By George, I think I've got it .....

... thanks to my friend L who suggested I google White Balance. I've fiddled a bit with my camera and want to put the two pictures up here to see if what I did has fixed the colour problem that I had in my last post. Same settings for both pics

Yaaaay ... thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friend L !!!

Now to finish those dishcloths.


  1. That is good news... love the colours of the potholders :))

  2. I made those potholders ages ago Pat .. just needed something colourful to try out that white balance thing. I tend to be lazy and just point and shoot, without any thought to the dozens of features on the camera. You learn something new every day !!!!

  3. Love the colours Dorothy, looks like you have had fun making them.. :))

  4. The wonders of blogland - answers to our questions
    Looks so much better


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