Monday, December 6, 2010

Why is it so?

I learnt something about my digital camera today and am wondering why colours change with different backgrounds ? Perhaps one of my clever blogland friends might be able to enlighten me? This first photo of that scarf I was telling you about in my last post shows the colours exactly as they are, but see what happens (second pic) when I put it on a different background ..

The same happened with this little doily I made yesterday as a last minute addition to a small Christmas gift going to Belgium. The first pic (white background) is the correct colour, but see what happened when I put it on my table ?

Weird huh ??

Today’s project is a pair of dishcloths to be added to another gift for a family member in Queensland. Hope to get them finished before I go to bed so I’ll show them to you next time.

Only 19 days to go ......


  1. I wish I knew also.. :)) must admit I like the colours of the second pic of the scarf.I am going to go back to see the pattern you have crocheted :))

    Your nativity scene is lovely..

  2. Actually Pat the scarf is knitted and is a super simple pattern. Its from a recent copy of interweave knits and required 2 x balls of Noro Silk Garden. Not a cheap scarf but its very light and soft.

  3. The colors and shadows and lighting can drive you crazy at times. Just when you've made something that is so beautiful and then it gets diminished by one of these factors...drives you crazy, I know. I also find that if you use a super bright color it will even blur everything.

    Even the best cameras are not as sophisticated as the human eye. Have you ever noticed for example, if you take a photo in the evening of a tree at sunset you remember seeing details in the trees but in the photo it just appears as an entire black'll lose detail also with pictures that have too much contrast such as placing a white doily on a black table. So, after all of this, you have to experiment. Natural daylight is always the best though, if you can get it.

    That aside I really like your washcloths and acarf!

  4. Hi Clara ... thanks for your comments. I think I understand a little about why it happened now. Another friend told me how to fiddle with white balance and the camera settings. In doing so, I also stumbled on 'vivid colour' which of course I turned on too :) Love colour and lots of it.


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