Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just for a change

I decided to play around with my double-ended hook (aka Cro-hook) and really like the efffect you get. Its very similar to tunisian or afghan stitch except that you change ends every 2nd row creating a truly reversible pattern, different on each side.

I used a 6.50mm cro-hook with 8ply and the result was quite thick, very spongy feeling and I think would make excellent hot pads or potholders. My little experiment turned out to be a hook roll

Being a bit of a sceptic, I wondered if the hooks would slide out but I gave it a really good shake and they did stay put. Here's the finished look ..

Also finished the pair of dishcloths so now I can add them to the other goodies and get that gift in the mail tomorrow.

The pattern is here - its done in Peaches & Creme which isn't really my favourite cotton as its so thick but I have lots of it to use up and I think its probably best suited to dishcloths. I like the stitch and will try it with BWM cotton next time.

Did a bit more of my Christmas shopping this afternoon. Xander, Willoughby and Tasha (the dogs) will be getting Schmackos (liver flavoured of course) and Madison is going to get a little fluffy mouse that runs along after you pull the string where its tail should be ! She needs to lose a little weight so I hope she enjoys chasing her mouse around on Christmas Day. Here she is waiting for the big man in red.

Sure she's a little early but hey, a girl can hope can't she ??


  1. Your cro-hook work is very interesting.. I like the texture and the colours you use... It is something Ihaven't been able to master yet..:)
    The idea of a hook roll is wonderful and to know thy won't full out is a bonus.
    I like the dish cloths and love to use Peaches and cream..
    I think Madison is counting the days LOL so cute :))

  2. I like the stitch pattern. And your crochet hook holder. And the dishcloths! You have a lovely blog and I'm going to spend a little time here going through it.
    Have a lovely week.



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