Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So Quiet

Everyone must be away on holidays - its so very very quiet both here in blogland and in my emails. Hope you're all having a wonderful time.

My crochet/knitting is a bit ho hum at the moment. I found a pattern on the net that I decided to make, started it, frogged it because it was way too small even for a premmie, started it again making it just a little bit bigger, then about halfway through, decided that it was a lousy pattern after all so put it aside and will frog it when I feel inclined. If the yarn wasn't so pretty I'd just dump it all in the bin.

While listening to Dr Malouf on the radio the other night, I churned out another hat for one of the upcoming K4C 2011 charities. Here's Charlotte modelling it for you ..

Today I had to do a bit of grocery shopping and, wouldn't you know it, the yarn shop is right next door and all that lovely yarn was beckoning me to come inside!! Panda has this yarn called Crazy Print which is new to me so, as you do, I bought 2 x 100g balls. Variegated yarn has some kind of fascination for me - I love seeing the way it turns out. As I'm a very slow knitter, it might be a little while before I show you the finished project but this is what the yarn looks like ..

Pretty isn't it ? The yarn is 100% acrylic and feels a little icky but I guess the true test will be how it knits up.

Before I finish this post, I must show you one of my Christmas gifts ..

I hadn't seen these Aero Gardens before but they sound fantastic. There's a guaranteed harvest (I'm growing 7 different herbs) and the plants are supposed to keep growing for about 6 months. I have some cherry tomatoes to grow when these herbs are finished and if my timing is right, I'll have tomatoes during late winter. There's no dirt - just water, nutrients and lights which are automatic - 16 hours on, 8 hours off. I'll post another pic in a week or so - by then the young plants should be well and truly up.


  1. Wow, I heard about these. Very interesting and can't wait to see what you grow out of it!

  2. The two types of basil and the chives are up and I only planted them a week ago. I thought the parsley and mint may have been the first but apparently they must be a bit slower. It is interesting and I'll post pics in another week or so.

  3. It's great to hear of someone else who has a yarn addiction too!! I think that sounds like a perfect setup having the grocery shop next door to the yarn shop!!
    Kate :) burnie tas


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