Monday, December 20, 2010

Mission accomplished

Well its done and I'm satisfied with the sizing. Also got a bit of a buzz from just working out my own pattern. Next time I might make the pattern bit about 2cm shorter, although with a different yarn it might be ok as is. I used Feathersoft 8ply for this hat.

Needed to get back into my comfort zone before going to bed last night so made one of Suzi's fan bookmarks. I'd use a nicer thread next time I make one though - the tassel on this looks a bit ratty. Very easy pattern though and would make a nice addition if you're gifting a book to someone.

Just noticed the pic is a bit blurry - sorry about that but I deleted the other shots I took from my camera. You can see a nicer picture on Suzi's blog.


  1. Love the hat! The bookmark is so pretty and thanks for the link. Think I may give it a go myself!

  2. Love the colour,so pretty :))
    Bookmarks always come in handy and the patterns are endless, thanks for the link also :))
    Merry Christmas, and a safe New Year.


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