Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Joy

My order from Wondoflex arrived this morning. I want to show you this gorgeous 100% merino wool before I start making myself a thread through scarf. I got the pattern from here and can hardly wait to get the needles out. Even our 38 degree heat will not deter me on this one. I'll post pictures as my scarf progresses.

Before I finish, I heard the funniest true story this morning concerning a friend of a friend. This grandma had taken her 4yo grandson to Sydney for a few days in the school holidays. On one of the days they visited the Aquarium and had a lovely time. After leaving the aquarium, the boy said his backpack was too heavy so grandma carried it for him. Back at the hotel she thought she'd go through the backpack and take out any unnecessary stuff to lighten the load for their next outing. Imagine her surprise when, in the bag, she discovered a pet fairy penguin !! Apparently they have a 'hands on' area at the aquarium so people can play with these little penguins and obviously the 4yo decided he'd like one for himself. The lady had to make three phone calls to the aquarium before she found someone who believed her story and asked her to kindly return the little penguin.

Talking about penguins has reminded me that I must buy the ingredients to make my friend Carol's ice cream which many of the CWA ladies rave about. Here's the recipe.

Ice Cream recipe
Large can Carnation Evaporated milk ( chilled in fridge for 24 hours)
1 cup castor sugar
juice of an orange an d lemon
mashed banana and some passionfruit. (about 5 or I use a can of John West passionfruit)

Make sure the milk is chilled or it won't work out well. Whip milk until it holds its shape on beaters,add sugar and other ingredients and mix well. Put in container and freeze. This makes 2 trays although I usually put it in a covered bowl.

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  1. he PINCHED a PENGUIN?!!!!

    that story made my day!


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