Monday, April 11, 2011

Back in Time

After leaving home and heading north to Sydney, it was like turning the calendar back a month or two. The temperature was a beautiful ten degrees warmer, skies blue and very very easy to take !! Only drawback was that we were off to see a show in the evening and I’d taken winter woollies but fortunately I had a lightweight shirt with me which was suitable to wear. After a quick shopping spree by daughter we relaxed awhile in Pitt Street Mall and listened to the most beautiful music performed by a guy with a name I wouldn’t even attempt but I think goes by the name of Sky.

The atmosphere was incredible and it was hard to draw ourselves away to go find somewhere to have dinner prior to taking our seats in the beautiful State theatre to go back not months, but over 50 years, for “The Class of 59”. What a change from Sky’s music !!!! The place really rocked as we were entertained by Lonnie Lee and a group of tribute artists who were truly amazing. Songs by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and the Fonz !! I was most impressed by a young guy called Anthony Pettruci as Elvis
but they all looked and sounded like the artist they were portraying and it was just like being back 50 odd years when rock and roll emerged and took over the music industry. Here are a few pics we managed to get .... sorry about the quality of the on stage one but believe me when I say the place was rocking – the woman who was sitting behind us was jigging around so much in her seat that the balcony was literally rocking and it was near impossible to try for an in-focus shot.

My other daughter is an avid Elvis Presley fan and she's going to love this little guitar which 'Elvis' autographed for her .. it says "To Karen - xoxo Elvis".

It was back to normal when we got home yesterday – drop of ten degrees in temperature and house heating turned on again. Today I think I’ll relax with Sky’s music and play around with some yarn and a hook.

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  1. Oh cool, the one guy looks like buddy holly


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