Saturday, April 30, 2011

Defeat !!

OK .. I'm over it !!!!!! Yes, here I am publicly admitting defeat and I hereby vow and declare that those horrid dpns can go and stick their little ends anywhere they please as long as they're nowhere near me. I did try - even managed two rounds before a stupid stitch fell off the end of a needle. It happened to be a K2tog which made it worse as I even have a battle trying to pick up a single dropped stitch on two needles ................ so, I will now have to wait till my friend gets back from Bali and speak ever so sweetly to her (pretty please) and hope she might finish the top of that slouch hat for me. I personally think we should stamp out those hats that have that rounded shape at the top .. so old hat (if you'll pardon the pun). The ones that you just gather at the top are much more chic don't you think ? Just for the record, here's a pic of what I was trying to make. I nicked it from Aussie Maria's blog - hope you don't mind Maria.

Give me a crochet hook anyday.


  1. You made me smile Dorothy thankyou :))
    Those knitting needles should be banned LOL.. even harder with corks on the ends..
    But I am sure which ever method you choose it will look great :))

  2. I'm with you.. I have used DPNs and what a pain! Give me a single crochet hook any day of the century!! I'm pretty much over knitting at all.. :-)

  3. Had to laugh. Since your going to Confab, pick up those DPN's and I am positive someone will give you the encouragement to complete it calmly :-)


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