Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Lose 500 calories

I read an article yesterday that claims an afternoon of knitting or crochet uses up 500 calories - great news! In addition to all the other benefits of knitting and crochet, we now discover that you’re using up calories as well. And that doesn’t even count the calories you save by not eating while you knit. So go for it girls, what a lovely way to get your exercise.

My exercise today resulted in a new version of yesterday's hat. I added one row to the depth and this is how it turned out -

I have no idea why the edging has formed a little brim but I think it looks ok. Nothing much else to report today, so I'll get back to my exercise.


  1. Fantastic news.... So that would be about 1000 Calories / day + 500 Calories I would be nibbling = 1500 Calories lost.

    No wonder I've gone from a 22 down to an 18 in 1yrs... LOL...

  2. LOL Rell. I think I'll crochet all day every day next week.


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