Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucky Me

Daughter and son-in-law returned yesterday from their Christmas/New Year holiday in Belgium, coming from a chilly minus something temperature to our sweltering high 30s. In spite of the freezing temperatures, snow and ice, DD was able to bring some lovely gifts back for us. I was delighted with this gorgeous hand made Belgian lace table centre

this lovely yarn (Spazio made in Italy, Sheila Soft (the black ball) made in Germany)

I took the close-up of the Spazio to show you the unusual make-up of this yarn. Its a chunky weight and the suggested needle/hook size is 7.00mm or 8.00mm, so I hope to have enough for a nice scarf. The black Sheila Soft has a pattern on the back of the ball band for a thread through scarf. My last crochet related gift was this magazine

My daughter told me she was unable to get the crochet hooks I asked her to bring back, but she did, however, have a 'challenge' for me. There are some lovely thread patterns in this mag but the challenge is that they are all written in Flemish!! Just as well they have the international symbol patterns included as I can follow them.

I gave into temptation and ordered myself a set of the Etimo crochet hooks that are a hot topic on Ravelry. Scroll halfway down this page to see them.
I'm also awaiting delivery of three Addi Turbo hooks - also supposed to be top quality hooks. I can hardly wait to road test them.

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