Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indulgence Day

Today I've been finishing off a few projects I've had on the go. I'm still making beanies for the homeless in Canberra - these will be distributed by Vinnies Night Patrol which is a van that goes to places around the ACT and Queanbeyan giving out free soup etc to the poor souls who live on our streets for various reasons. If you've ever been to Canberra in winter you'll understand why this service is very much needed. Here's the beanie I finished today.

I loved working with this wool (Patons 8ply Caressa) - it was so soft.

I've also been making dishcloths and experimenting with different types of cotton. I once had a good supply of Sugar n Cream which is what I used to make these ...

........but my supply is dwindling and Sugar n Cream is no longer sold in the shops here in Australia. Here's the cloth I finished today.

I have tried using two strands of Panda 4ply cotton and currently have a friend testing it for me.

My next project is going to be a neck warmer, also for Vinnies Night Patrol. I think the neck warmers are better than scarves as they won't fall off. My order from Bendigo Woolen Mills arrived a few days ago and I'm itching to get stuck into the 8ply Classic wool. Doesn't it look 'yummy' ?

Also bought some of their 8ply cotton to see if it would be suitable for dishcloths but its working up very soft and I don't really think it will be good for washing dishes. It actually feels very thin for 8ply. I started knitting with it but after a few inches, frogged it (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it) and changed to crochet which suits the cotton much better. As I have a 200g ball, I'm going to have to think up another use for this lovely cotton.

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