Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a Night

It was all over in about ten minutes but in that time it terrified our dogs, flooded the gutters, leaked all over the kitchen bench via the skylight and in doing so flooded and ruined my dinner. Overflow from the gutters near the front door caused a pool inside the door which happened to be opened at the time. Oh boy, what a mess. I don't think we have any other leaks but I might have to get someone to come and check the roof, particularly where we have skylights. It stopped just as quick as it had started and this was the view from my front door. I had to take the photo from inside otherwise I probably would have ruined my camera as water was still dripping everywhere.

I can hear a siren now - whatever vehicle it was just went flying past our place. I hope people weren't out driving in that storm as visibility would have been bad. Far better to pull over and wait it out.

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  1. I think I was outside in that - taking photos!
    (a water resistant camera is a handy thing to have ;-)
    ... actually the dog and I both enjoy walking in the rain ... but yes - that lot got a bit wild for a few minutes - lol
    btw - some of the photos are on my blog too - here.


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