Thursday, January 15, 2009

Order in the House

In my last post I mentioned the Speakers Chair, a replica of which has been put in an alcove in the Old Parliament House, Canberra for visitors to pose in for photographic purposes. On our visit, John donned the wig and cloak for this shot.

The ornate Speaker's Chair seen in the photograph symbolises the Australian Parliament's links with the British Parliament at Westminster and with British history. It was a gift from the UK branch of the Empire Parliamentary Association and includes pieces of timber from Admiral Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, and also from Westminster Hall. It was at Child's request that the Chair has remained in its original location at Old Parliament House.

Enough history for today ..... now I'm off to do a bit of knitting !! I am currently receiving kitten blankets for the Canberra RSPCA which have been knitted or crocheted by members of the Knit4Charities group of which I am a member. Only have three more parcels to arrive before I can photograph then deliver. This month I have been making childrens size beanies for Streetswags, Brisbane and next month we will be helping Vinnies Night Patrol, Canberra so I'll be concentrating on beanies, neckwarmers and fingerless mitts for the homeless. Will post pictures here.

Thank goodness for airconditioning - its 37 degrees Celsius here at the moment.

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