Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Post with No Name

Uninspired regarding a name for this post but I wanted to show you the scarf I finished last night for a friend who is visiting on Saturday. She is from Texas in the US and will be visiting (with her husband) various parts of Australia for the month of May. With the weather so cool here now, I thought a warm scarf might come in handy.

The pattern was from the latest "How To" Lincraft magazine. If you want to make this scarf I would recommend buying more than the 2 x 50g balls of Entice listed in the materials required. I had to break into the fourth ball to finish mine. I had the correct tension and followed the pattern as written except it needed to be more than 85cm long which was specified in the pattern, otherwise it wouldn't have been long enough to go around the neck and through the slit.

While on the subject of soft and cuddly things, here's a pic of my daughter's cat Oscar. Isn't he a handsome fellow ?

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  1. Oh I love your daughters cat. Just like my Mikey.

    Thank you for your ideas in regarding the scarf. I was thinking of making a few for charity.


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