Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Little Piggie went ............

Kingsford is just too adorable for words. Have a look at this little guy. Don't you want one ?

Since last posting here I've managed to finish a UFO and have done my partners 7 inch square in the AustraliaCrochet exchange. In one of my wool crates, I discovered a piece of knitting - no idea what it started off as but it finished up this afternoon as a baby's hat which will be donated to charity.

Here's the square drying on my blocking board. For this one I used Cleckheaton 8ply wool in a soft grey colour. I hope it fits in with my partner's clour scheme.

Hey, does this remind you of Kingsford ??????

Hmmmmm - I DON'T THINK SO !!!!!!!!!!

MOTHER PIG: What did you learn in school today? FIRST PIGLET: Oink! Oink! SECOND PIGLET: Oink! Oink! THIRD PIGLET: Woof! Woof! MOTHER PIG: What? THIRD PIGLET: I m taking a foreign language.

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