Saturday, September 19, 2009

Google unfortunately

I've just read something funny on Kylie's blog "The Lazy Knitter" so thought it would be fun to try. You do a google search on "Unfortunately (your name)" eg. "unfortunately dorothy" .. Pick the ones you like. Here are some of mine.

Unfortunately Dorothy isn't very bright and she's a terrible bore, as I'm sure you'll realize when she calls on you. And such awful taste in hats!

Unfortunately Dorothy hasn't written very many novels, so I am left to reread the ones she has. But for those few I am extremely thankful

Unfortunately Dorothy seems to have stayed on the Yellow Brick Road like many other mobile browsers and does not support Flash at this time.

More importantly, her sister's enchanted slippers are now on Dorothy's feet and the Witch wants them back. Unfortunately, Dorothy can't take them off.

Unfortunately, Dorothy's health began to deteriorate about a year after this move. Even as her health declined, Dorothy continued to enjoy church suppers

Unfortunately, Dorothy's dog Pluto chews off Brian's fingers before they can do anything with him

Unfortunately Dorothy's bloodlust continues unabated, with many customers falling prey to her crafty work with power drills, pokers, and sharp kitchen objects

Unfortunately, Dorothy's sexual and emotional awakening proves to be something of a sleeping pill for the viewing audience.

Unfortunately, Dorothy was at an age that she did not work with stallions.

... because the breeze blew it between the seats, but unfortunately Dorothy did whilst rummaging for something or other and all hell broke loose. ...

Unfortunately, Dorothy isn't cured and begins luring victims to the farmhouse through her tarot card readings.

Try your name and let me know how you go.

Can't finish a post without an "awwww" for the day

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