Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sydney Soiree

It hardly seems that a week has gone by since I was at the CWA in Sydney learning how to make these lovely beaded tassels ...

I was very pleased with the result and the picture really doesn't do it justice. The most difficult part for me was threading the needle but then I always have trouble doing that anyway. The next day we learnt how to do spiral crochet. I chose three rather strong colours for the class and because a big piece might look a bit much in these colours, I think I'll finish it off soon and use it for a placemat. A row of crab stitch around the edge will finish it off nicely.

I am thinking of doing a spiral baby shawl using white with maybe pink and a variegated for the other colours.

Here's another version of spiral crochet - this one is done in all trebles ..

The two days were very enjoyable and its always nice to meet new friends. I returned home on Friday which was a big day in the NRL footy and special trains were running from Sydney Central to Olympic Park to transport the thousands of eager fans. Two of the country train platforms were being used and as you can see, CityRail certainly got into the spirit of things for this big event. There was certainly excitement in the air but not for me as I awaited the departure of my train and a long, four and a half hour trip home ..


  1. Lovely as always. If I could crochet like you.
    Great to see that the station was all blue/gold & blue/white. I am happy to see the blue & gold team in the Grand Final.

  2. Thanks Rell. I'm sure you could do the spiral crochet - its just starting off thats a bit tricky. I also hope Parramatta wins the Grand Finals. Mind you, I don't follow the footy but I once lived in Parramatta so thats good enough reason !


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