Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why was email invented ?

Its only 113 days till Christmas so here's something for all you animal lovers ...

Keep those cards and letters coming !!

I now have everything organised for my trip to Sydney in three weeks time. Tickets booked, accommodation booked and classes booked !! CWA are holding classes on spiral crochet and read tassel making and I'm particularly interested in the spiral crochet. Here's what it looks like, with the tassels we're going to be doing in the foreground.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to finish a baby's jacket I started a few days ago. I thought I had enough wool(2 x 50g balls) but am now starting to get a bit worried. Started the second ball today and I still have 6 rows of the skirt part plus both sleeves to make. Oh well, fingers crossed !!!!! Here's how its coming along

The picture is a little dark - sorry 'bout that !


  1. The spiral crochet looks very, very interesting. Love the baby jacket - must get the pattern as I have become mad about crochet, no knitting for overy 6 months :-)

  2. Is this the Panda lustre you are after, I may have some but don't know the dyelot.

  3. Rell, The colour number and dyelot are at the bottom of the previous days post. Don't worry about it just now as I might have enough after all. Will let you know if I don't and thanks for your help.

  4. You might have enough - why don't you do the sleeves in a different colour - maybe white - or a darker pink, and trim the edges in the darker pink too?

    Love the pattern - and I adore the little blue jacket you made - what is the pattern called? I might be able to get it myself on Just Crochet!




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