Thursday, September 17, 2009

He's the Voice

Jack’s back but he sure isn’t whispering !!! If you get the opportunity to see John Farnham’s latest show “Live by Demand”, go for it.

My friend and I experienced this amazing event on Tuesday night at the Lyric Theatre, Star City in Sydney. The place literally rocked and this 60 year old man had the entire audience in the palm of his hand throughout the whole performance. In addition to the string of great songs, the staging was amazing. It was totally AWESOME.

I have to tell you about the lobby of the hotel where we stayed. A big section of the floor is glass and under it lots of goldfish lazily swim around in their huge home.

Its a weird feeling walking on the glass and having the fish underneath.

After studying all the brochures we picked up in the lobby,

it was off to one of the hotel's restaurants for a light snack. Can you imagine our surprise when all this arrived ..

and it was only three hours to dinner at the Casino !! Oh my ..

Yesterday we had all day to spend in Sydney before catching the 6.15pm train back to Canberra. It was a lovely day in spite of the very overcast weather. The whole place had a grey tinge but I still manged to have a bit of fun with my camera. Here’s a few pics so you hopefully can enjoy the day with us ........

After spending an hour or so at the shopping centre above Paddy's Markets we decided Darling Harbour would be a better option, so off to the Monorail for a quick lap of the city ..

Following our very quick stroll through the shops we decided to take a ferry to Circular Quay. There were quite a few jettys and, obviously looking like lost 'tourists', we were wandering around trying to figure out where we should wait for the ferry. The driver of this people mover was kind enough to point us in the right direction.

I can remember as a child, riding across the beautiful harbour in this ferry on the way to Manly. It was considered a rather majestic ferry in its day but is now permanently moored at Darling Harbour having been converted into a restaurant. She's looking a bit old but not too bad.

I think this lighthouse and ship must be something to do with the Maritime Museum which we passed on the way to the ferry wharf.

Eventually we found our way to the ferry and just in time

No need to explain this next pic. Probably two of Sydney's most famous landmarks -

And after a wander around Circular Quay we stopped off to socialise with some seagulls. This little guy tried very hard to steal a Big Mac right out of the hands of a man - just missed by a whisker - or would that be a feather ?

Without further comment I'll leave you with a few more pics of this beautiful city.

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  1. Now you have made me homesick.

    Happy to hear you had a wonderful time in a majestic city. Thank you for the information on JF as well. Must have a look and see when and if he is performing in Qld.


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