Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Lucy

Had lunch this week with my very dear friend Lucy who gave me a few clues regarding lighting and camera settings for digital photographs. In my last post I showed you a picture of the Imagination baby jacket which turned out a little on the dark side. Lucy, the white paper trick didn't work but the camera light setting seemed to help .. well it's a little bit better than the original. What I have to remember now is not to cast my own shadow on the subject! Anyway, this is how it turned out ......

Temptation has struck, courtesy of the mailman who today brought the latest Bendigo Woolen Mills colour chart. Oh my what gorgeous yarns !

Its not that I NEED any more yarn but they are so very hard to resist. Interesting too that some of their Classic range now also comes in a 10ply which will make things much easier if us Aussies want to use American patterns - so many of which are available for free on the net. Now, let's see -- that Holly looks nice, as does the Seaquest, Poseidon, Silver Twist .. oh decisions, decisions.


  1. Hi Dorothy, I just love that little sweater! My daughter was looking through my yarn today trying to find this certain skein and informed me I was not to buy any more yarn. LOL

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. Oh the colours, what a range to choose from..I can understand why you would be tempted..:))
    My excuse is, you can never have enough yarn/wool..
    hugs pat :))

  3. oH oh OH - looks like there are some new colours - and I was just about to put an order in

  4. A really beautiful little jacket Dorothy.. And the colours.. yummy... Always room for a little more yarn LOl.. :))

  5. That is ADORABLE!


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