Monday, March 28, 2011

Tag Holder

Just a little post today about a little thing I made yesterday ..

I got the idea from here and thought it would be ideal to attach to your keyring to hold those Woolies trolley tags. The holders they come in always seem to break but this little one won't !! I used 8ply with a 4.50mm hook.


  1. Brilliant idea.. Thankyou Dorothy :))

  2. Send me your email address to beverooni at hotmail . com and I will send you the Tunisian sweater pattern. (It's the red and orange one, right?)

  3. Hello Dorothy!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, DPNs take a lot of perseverence but the moment you master the little buggers you feel on top of the world!
    I think you are right on the money, Raymond would not appreciate me changing the name of his blog!


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