Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nice Surprise

I found out this afternoon that a little purse I entered in our CWA branch competition went on to the group competition this week and was selected to go on to the State Conference at Nowra in May. Of the items I put in, I was expecting my Queen Anne's Lace scarf to have done the best so the outcome was quite a surprise. Here's the purse which is done in 4ply cotton with a 2.25mm hook.

I don't expect to do well at State level but feel honoured to have got this far.

The lovely knee rug that Robynne made is also off to the State competition. You'll recall I showed you a picture of it a few posts back. I have my fingers crossed that she'll do really well as its just gorgeous.


  1. Very pretty; congratulations! :-)

  2. I love that little purse, congratulations on going further to the State Conference.
    It is beautifully crocheted. :))
    Hugs pat in tas :))

  3. How exciting. Congratulations to you and Robynne, fingers crossed for the State Conference

  4. Dear Helen, congrats on your darling purse winning the competition! I've entered some of my things in the Daughters of the American Revolution American Heritage contest and it's always fun to win.

    Oh.. hope you pop over to my blog.. I'm doing a giveaway.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Teresa .. I read all your blog posts but for some weird reason I'm unable to leave a comment. Not sure why - I sometimes have trouble visiting other people's blogs too. I seem to be able to read two and then Internet Explorer 'is unable to open' any others I click on. Very frustrating. So, if I don't comment on anybody's blogs, please forgive me and I hope you'll understand. I do love reading them all.

  6. Your purse is lovely - congratulations on making it to the state competition.

    Robynne's rug is amazing too, you are both very clever!


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