Thursday, March 3, 2011

Got it !!

Here's the pic of that poncho sweater I told you about in my last post. For the life of me I couldn't get it to not rotate when it uploaded yesterday so I took drastic steps and got rid of a few programmes on my computer that were probably in conflict with each other and will just stick with Windows Live Photo Gallery.

My oven has been 'on the blink' for a few weeks but I'm happy to say that its now fixed. Yaaaaay !! I've had such trouble with this oven which is a top of the range European model (better not say the brand) .. anyway, a technician from the head office in Sydney came down today and spent a good hour and a half rewiring, putting a new type of fan in plus other stuff - all at no cost to me. I was so excited that I felt the urge to bake something ..

... apple and cinnamon muffins - yum - and since the oven was on, I decided a casserole might be a good idea for dinner.

By the way, have you ever wondered why people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?


  1. How sweet :)) great pic of the poncho sweater.. very pretty and beautifully crocheted :))
    Gosh that was a win for the oven, who actually comes out to fix anything these days?? Well done..
    Muffins are great food for a cold day..
    Have a great day :))

  2. Hi Dorothy! That is such a cute sweater/poncho! Where did you get the pattern?

    The muffins look yummy.. we need to make some more banana bread for tomorrows breakfast.

    Hugs from Oregon

  3. I've had this pattern for ages Teresa and can't recall where it came from. I just googled and found this which looks like the same pattern.
    Cheers, Dorothy
    PS .. the muffins were very more-ish .. just what I don't need !!

  4. How funny - just this week I was looking at this pattern on Ravelry to make for up-coming charities. As I have no littlies to try on, I wasn't sure about the arm-holes. Your input would be lovely as yours is so sweet.
    Apple & cinnamon muffins are my fave, please send some asap if you left any ;-)

  5. Oh dear Maria .. just looked and all the muffins have name tags on them ... sorry :(
    The poncho sweater size in this post would be newborn but having said that, the yarn I used would not be my choice for a newborn. I've had the pattern for ages and think it might be different from the one in the link I gave in response to Teresa's comment. Must pop over to Ravelry and sus out the pattern they're using.

  6. Such a cute pattern.

    So glad you got your oven fixed.


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