Saturday, July 24, 2010

Memories of Granny

Today I started the CAL being run by Knit4Charities. This is the first of three squares and will be going to support one of our charities in August. We will be sending the squares to the member collecting for this charity and she will join them into rugs for Project Love and Care. My square still needs to be finished and blocked but anyway, here it is .....

We've also been talking about squares on Australiacrochet today and I found myself on Ravelry again, looking for a pattern similar to the square Val sent me (picture in previous post). Found one which is a bit like it but I had to modify it a bit to make it the size I wanted. Haven't blocked it yet but this is what its looking like .....

Bendigo 8ply Classic, 4.50mm hook.

By the way, if you're wanting the pattern for the square Val sent me, you can find it here.

The 'kids' haven't appeared on my blog for awhile - here's a shot of the Chinnies taken about 10 minutes ago ...

Reminds me of that childrens ditty "There were three in the bed and the middle one said roll over, roll over".

Madison has had such a busy day today. She spent the first 16 hours or so of it as a big lump in my daughter's bed but now she's stretched out on a warm fluffy bankie in front of the telly and wants to wish you all a very good night.


  1. Ohh thats beautiful, animals are so part of the family..... :)) they look so happy..
    The square in a round, so to speak is different, i like the colour.I must admit i don't block. Can you give me a few hints.?:))

  2. Thanks Pat .. they spend lots of time in that bed. All are getting on in age, the eldest (Willoughby on the right hand side) is now 12 which is very old for the breed. The big fellow, Xander and the tiny girl Tasha are brother & sister and they have turned 8. Tasha is doing very well for a girl who doesn't have a bottom jaw. She developed cancer about 4-5 years ago and had to have the jaw removed. Still manages to eat, albeit slowly and of course locked away from the boys.
    Re the blocking, I usually pin them on a foam board and spray with water then allow to dry.


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