Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tired of seeing Julia

I visit my blog every day so I can read the latest posts from the blog list (on right hand side) ... and I am so sick of seeing that picture of Julia that I thought the best way to overcome this problem was to post something myself so she'll just move on down the page. Mind you, having said that, I think we'll all be seeing lots of Julia and her colleagues and/or opponents in the next few weeks leading up to August 21 !!!!

The weather here has been so cold and miserable lately that staying indoors and playing with the hooks and yarn in front of a nice warm heater has been the best option. So, I have a few things to show you .....

The pattern for this little doily was from The Crochet Spot and is called Hipster Doily. Its very easy but quite pretty I think. I used bedspread weight thread (No.10) with a 3.00mm hook. Finished size is 7 inches.

Spent most of last week working on these potholders which I made as gifts. I love this fun pattern and really enjoy playing with the different colour combinations. These ones are made with Naturally Loyal 8ply machine washable wool and a 4.50mm hook. The pattern used to be free on the internet but unfortunately I can't find it now. I kept a copy and there is one in the files of Australiacrochet group on yahoo. I believe Naturally Loyal wool is relatively new in Australia - its from New Zealand and they have an amazing range of colours. I think there are about 46 in all. It cost me $4.95 for a 50g ball at my local store but you can get it for $3.95 online at Craftee Cottage but they would no doubt charge for postage on top of that.

Patons Tasman Sport 8ply caught my eye last time I was in Lincraft. I think its called Sport because of the footy team colours. Naturally I had to buy a few balls to see what it was like. The way the colours worked in this crochet hat was interesting. I also have a blue and white ball which I think I may knit up to see how that turns out. I'm collecting chemo beanies/caps on behalf of Knit4Charities in support of the Beanie Basket project being run by a lady in Canberra so these hats will be added to that collection.

Before I finish this post, I want to show you something which I think is absolutely amazing. The vest was knitted many years ago by a man and was brought in to CWA by one of our members for display in one of our recent craft exhibitions. Have a look at this ...........

... and here's a close-up

Talking of CWA, here's an interesting little recipe for you.

Three Ingredient Fruit Cake

1kg mixed dried fruit
600ml chocolate flavoured milk
2 cups self raising flour

Soak fruit in milk overnight.
Mix in flour.
Bake at 160 degrees C for about 1 and 1/2 hours(or bottom shelf at 130 degrees for 2 hours).

Can substitute milk with 2 cups strong black coffee or tea, or 600ml unsweetened orange juice.

Note: If top is getting too dark, cover with foil towards the end of cooking time.
Keep 2-3 days before cutting.

Enjoy !!


  1. I got tired of the election before it was announced - the media are really boring
    That vest is amazing, such wonderful skill
    Have you tried the cake recipe. Must admit it is teasing me to have a go, just need the chocolate milk

  2. Yes, I did try the recipe. Didn't make it myself though. One of the CWA ladies brought it in to one of our craft days. It was surprisingly good and without sugar and butter, I imagine would be nice and healthy.

  3. I will try your recipe for the cake sounds great. :))
    Love your blog and your work.

  4. maybe you can find me from here Dorothy..


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