Sunday, July 25, 2010

Squared off

Needed some brain dead type stuff to do today as I read till 3.15am and didn't feel up to concentrating too much on anything. Made more of those granny squares for Knit4Charities CAL (crochet-a-long) but I think I'll give them a rest till the next pattern is posted on Tuesday. Don't know what it will be but I'm tipping it might be the 'other' type of granny where you do all trebles along the sides and a shell in the corner. We'll see .... Here's a pic of what I've done so far.

We were asked to use autumn colours so I hope these will be ok. It was interesting how the different yarns worked up. All were 8ply but some felt thick, some thin, one really soft, another quite stiff, one needed an extra round of half trebles to make it the right size and another needed an extra round of trebles. The lesson I think I learnt here was that if you're making a garment it really is important to do a gauge swatch - something I must admit I haven't worried about much in the past.

I'll be starting another book tonight so perhaps I should get an early start. The book is by Michael Marshall and is called "The Straw Men". One reviewer said ....
"The book centers around two different protagonists, each tracking down what appears to be a serial killer, but in the end, turns out to be much, much more. The main, first-person protagonist attempts to unravel and come to grips with a very intriguing set of clues that shed light on an extremely bizarre past that he'd never imagined. At the same time, a pair of detectives are drawn into a similarly bizarre serial killer case that turns out to be much bigger than what appears on the surface, and as we come to learn, anything the world has ever seen. As more is learned and the story progresses, the two sets of protagonists find themselves on the same case, with a satisfying conclusion that still begs a sequel. Not to be trite, but this truly is one of those rare page-turners that melts the hours away as you read it."

Hmmm ... just as well there's nothing in my diary for tomorrow !


  1. It is amazing how the ply varies from one brand to another.. I like the colours you are using, Autumn is a special time of year i think,saying goodbye to summer and hello winter..
    AAhha I see you like thrillers!!Do you choose your books by Author??? Or the Authors notes..???

  2. I'm a big fan of James Patterson but have discovered a few other good authors from lists our ACT library emails every now and then. The one I started last night is interesting so far.

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