Monday, July 26, 2010

Oops, nearly forgot

Was just about to shut down and go to bed with that book I was telling you about yesterday, and remembered I hadn't told you about today's FO. Its always a great moment for me to finish something knitted as I'm not very good at knitting. This hat has been sitting on the dining room table just screaming to be finished so today was the day.

This is from the Head Huggers site and is called the Inside Out Hat. I used Patons Jet which I absolutely loved. Its 30% alpaca 70% wool and is SO soft. Had two balls in my stash but unfortunately I had to use some of the second ball so I won't have enough for another hat. Perhaps I might have enough for a neck warmer.

Tomorrow the second pattern in the Knit4Charities CAL will be posted so it'll be back to squares tomorrow.

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